Keyvan Samini

The chief financial/strategy officer and vice president of legal affairs at Morfis Semiconductor in Irvine, California, Keyvan Samini spearheads developmental business planning, oversees company legal/regulatory compliance issues, and leads negotiations with other technology organizations to further joint-venture and M&A activities. Over the course of his career, he has earned recognition as a “Super Lawyer” on several occasions from several organizations. Keyvan Samini’s professional history includes tenures as a managing partner of the law firm Samini & Simmons in Newport Beach, California, and the chief financial and strategy officer of RFaxis in Irvine.

While employed by RFaxis, Keyvan Samini spoke before multiple groups on subjects related to international business. In 2015, the University of California, Irvine, welcomed him to its campus to share his expert opinion on the concept of “brain drain” in America’s high-tech industry. Recognizing that many influential foreign-born scientists are returning to their countries of origin after completing university studies in the US, he stressed the importance of implementing programs that will “address the loss of foreign talent” and “increase the quality of life.”

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